The world of Tar and the greater planar universe was brought into being by the Archbuilder, Irital. The original God. However, as Irital grew weary of her project, many of the beings which she created became capable of managing and creating on their own. Throughout the Second Age, many powerful individuals rose to a limited number of spots within the pantheon. They were granted divine strength by Irital and the Divine Realm which they inhabit.

In this section, you can find information about each of the gods and their domain spells and cleric subclasses.

Demigods are considered creatures which either once were gods, or attempted to become gods, but failed. These demigods all carry a seed of divinity, but do not reside within the divine realm. These demigods can still grant divine powers to their followers in most cases. There are many demigods throughout the world, here are just the ones which are either important to the world, or have come up in a campaign of mine before.

Quick Look

If you are perusing the list of names on the sidebar, it might seem overwhelming. Here is a brief chart to help narrow down your search. Not every god fits perfectly into an alignment, so take this with a grain of salt.

Good vs Evil

Alignment List of Gods
Good Aeder, Aviana, Behem, Ciantar, Kuntari, Loros, Nova, Tolmaed, Septic Children
Neutral Ikrieyk, Irital, Marella, Modulo*, The Raven Queen, Vaelgoethe, Velonir, Exxor
Evil Andhar, Grad'zha, Modulo*, Namora, Ög, Thoros, Titanael, Vaudrynn, Xola, Anima, Xanderum

*different civilized societies disagree on modulo's alignment

Law vs Chaos

Alignment List of Gods
Lawful Behem, Gradzha, Namora, Ög, The Raven Queen, Tolmaed Septic Children
Neutral Aeder, Ciantar, Irital, Loros, Modulo, Nova, Vaudrynn, Velonir, Anima, Exxor
Chaotic Andhar, Aviana, Ikrieyk, Kuntari, Marella, Thoros, Titanael, Vaelgoethe, Xola, Xanderum

God Themes

While the Gods in this world are not necessarily as on the nose as "God of Thunder" or "God of Tyranny", these Gods tend to attract followers that are consistent with these themes.

God Name God Theme
Aeder Love, Self-Improvement, Fertility
Andhar Greed, Lust, Envy, Bargaining
Aviana Luck, Hope, Journeys, Fate
Behem Justice, Fairness, Metallic Dragons
Ciantar Moon, Night, Sky, Guidance, Moon Elves
Grad'zha Tyranny, Undeath, Pacts
Ikrieyk Fishermen, Open Seas, Navigation, Exploration, Old Age
Irital* Creation, Architecture, Beginnings
Kuntari Freedom, Beauty, Glamor, Self-Expression
Loros Sun, Light, Agriculture, Rebirth
Marella Nature, Druidism, Growth, Guardianship
Modulo Fiends, Creation, Ash, Balance, Sculpting
Namora Wickedness, Blood, Miscarriages, Stalking
Nova Knowledge, Sharing, Personal Development
Ög Monstrosities, Conquest, Aggression, Belonging
The Raven Queen Winter, Death, Fate, Order
Thoros Subjugation, Tyranny, Disrespect For Life
Titanael Dishonor, Chromatic Dragons, Selfishness, Power, Injustice
Tolmaed Forging, Building, Hearth, Facial Hair
Vaelgoethe Death, Entropy, Disorder, Ice
Vaudrynn Oblivion, Soul Destruction, Hunger, Duality
Velonir Storms, Weather, Lightning, Power, Strength
Xola Corruption, Ingenuity, Bioengineering, Spiders, Drow

*Irital is not a responsive god, so there are very few followers of Irital