On the sidebar here, you can find a full list of custom classes and subclasses which I've created over the years. Some of these are older than others and I've grown a lot with every iteration.


Shamans are the masters of the metaphysical world. Shamans draw inspiration from all sources of magic and can harness magic from many different sources. Shamans may take the form of a traditional witch in the woods, but can take many different forms, such as a spiritual magical tattoo artist.

Shamans are the most customizable class in 5th edition with 4 subclasses, over 40 soul marks, 10 custom senses, and more features which make your shaman unique to your backstory.


Artificers are the engineers of the modern world, harnessing the power of magic and enchanting onto the mundane and mechanical. Artificers can take many forms, especially in the modern world, as weapons smiths, battle bot engineers, enchanting masters, and more!

The Artificer has been reworked for the new attunement system in 5.5th edition and includes some changes to certain subclass, as well as adding new subclasses and new infusions.


Striker - Rogue

The striker rogue is proficient at taking advantage of weaknesses. Setting up more advantages creates a greater opportunity to strike. These rogues are patient, and look for opportunities to make vital strikes in the midst of battle, using their allies and the environment alike.

Oath of Oblivion - Paladin

The Oath of Oblivion binds a Paladin to the ideals of entropy and ideas of enlightenment through the scattering of the soul. A paladin of the natural order seeks to bring order through chaos and that all things lead to chaos. These paladins do not meet the ideals of a typical paladin and typically find themselves Chaotic neutral.

Street Brawler - Fighter

This subclass of Fighter is adept with being outnumbered and letting enemies be each other’s weaknesses. This fighter also specializes in maintaining their surrounded state and does not let people escape.

The Ascendant - Warlock

This warlock binds themselves to the service of a creature trying to become a god. The ascendant patron can take many forms, but the warlock gains powers from the realm beyond outside the realms of the gods

School of Fate

A wizard who studies fate looks for the patterns between time and space and learns to manipulate the energy therein. These wizards gain spells with a wide range of damage to maximize this manipulation

Plague Doctor - Wizard

The plague doctor is a student of disease, studying pathology or epidemiology and their magic deals with that kind of magic. The plague doctor can takes the toxins of corpses and turn them into acid or poison to use against their enemies.