Roll 100 School Survival

Roll 100 School Survival is a game about identity. In this Tabletop RPG, you can customize your identity and use it to fight the abstract battles to get actual results. In this RPG, you play as a highschool student, just trying to survive highschool: making friends, avoiding detention, and trying to graduate... however at this school, you're always one step away from disaster

This game was my first attempt at writing a full RPG. This project never made it out of the alpha phase, but there are still about 50 pages or so of work here and I think there's promise in the idea with some more refinement. One thing I wish I had done differently was properly establish design pillars before hand, which led to this project becoming hard to manage quickly... at least thematically and mechanically.

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Below you will find the download link for this game and the character sheetwhich I designed myself in illustrator.

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